Although your dentures are synthetic, they still need to be cleaned regularly to keep them hygienic, free of stains, and looking beautiful. Dentures should be cleaned on a daily basis at home and taken to a dental professional for a routine professional cleaning, as recommend by your dentist or denturist.

You should remove and rinse your dentures after each meal and brush them at least once daily with non-abrasive denture cleaner to remove food particles and bacteria. It is important to clean your tongue and gums, too, with a soft-bristled toothbrush or gauze to prevent a buildup of bacteria. If your dentures need to remain moist to preserve their shape, soak them overnight in water or a mild denture solution. Our denturist will provide you with specific instructions to care for your dentures.

We offer denture cleaning at no cost for patients of Tenino Denture Center! If you received your dentures at our office, you can bring them to our talented denturist, MaeNell Sullivan, for a complimentary cleaning. During this visit, she can assess the dentures for proper fit and notify you if they need to be relined.

For more information on denture cleaning in Tenino, Washington, or any of our other denture services, please call 360-264-5500 or visit us today!