Our team at Tenino Denture Center wants you to be able to enjoy a full, functional smile at all times. If your mouth cannot accommodate a permanent denture, our denturist may recommend immediate dentures to restore your smile until your custom dentures are ready.

Patients whose natural teeth have become weakened by tooth decay, trauma, or periodontal disease often require dentures to restore their smiles. If you still have natural teeth remaining that are too weak to support a dental prosthesis, you made need to have them extracted before you can receive dentures. Unlike permanent dentures, which cannot be placed until the gum and bone has healed, immediate dentures provide a full set of teeth immediately following tooth extraction so that you never have to be without your smile.

Immediate dentures are taken by creating impressions of your smile with your natural teeth included, and are designed in the image of your natural teeth’s size, shape, and color. They are placed the same day that your teeth are removed to minimize swelling, and may be a full or partial denture, depending on your oral needs.

If you are interested in receiving immediate dentures in Tenino, Washington, contact our office at 360-264-5500 today and schedule an appointment with our denturist, MaeNell Sullivan.