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Emergency Dentures Specialist

Tenino Denture Center

MaeNell Sullivan, DPD

Denturist located in Tenino, WA

Whether your dentures are missing a tooth that causes cosmetic concerns or they’ve suffered damage that makes them impossible to wear, MaeNell Sullivan, DPD, understands. She offers emergency denture repair at her practice, Tenino Denture Center in Tenino, Washington. As a licensed denturist, she has extensive skill and expertise in creating as well as repairing full and partial dentures damaged by chips, cracks, or breaks. Call Tenino Denture Center today for a same-day visit and an emergency repair.

Emergency Dentures Q & A

When would I need emergency denture repair?

The professionals at Tenino Denture Center understand that work obligations, social events, and other commitments are especially difficult to attend if your dentures are missing teeth or damaged to the point that they can’t be worn.

Because full and partial dentures are created on-site, Tenino Denture Center can offer emergency denture repair and replacement that restores your smile and self-confidence as quickly as possible.

How long does it take to repair dentures?

Depending on the nature of the damage, denture repair may take several hours to as little as an hour to complete. If your dentures have been crushed, broken into numerous pieces, or suffered significant damage, you may require replacement dentures.

This process can take longer but is still much quicker at Tenino Denture Center than is possible with clinics that must send their work requests to an outside dental lab.

For a quick fix, you may find it most convenient to wait as your dentures are repaired. If it’s going to require several hours, you may feel more comfortable leaving and returning to the clinic to pick up your new smile.

What can I expect during an emergency visit?

You can expect to receive the same quality care during an emergency as you would during any visit to Tenino Dental Center. Licensed denturist, Ms. Sullivan examines your dentures carefully and discusses the nature of the repair and how long she expects the process to take.

Once your dentures are repaired, Ms. Sullivan asks you to put the dentures in place so she can check the fit carefully and make any necessary adjustments immediately. She also takes time to smooth ridges and rough spots on the dentures so that your gums, inner cheeks, and other mucous membranes are protected from damage.

Can you perform emergency repairs on partial dentures?

Absolutely. Partial dentures can chip, crack, or break just like full dentures. Often, the wire clasps required to hold the partial in place are damaged.

It’s important that you not attempt to wear a partial with damaged wires since this can cause significant injury to your gums and inner cheeks.

Can I wear dentures that are missing teeth?

You may be able to wear dentures that are missing teeth, but dental experts recommend you avoid doing so for very long. Missing teeth increases the risk of further damaging your dentures since the gaps throw your bite out of alignment and weaken the overall structure of the denture.

If you’ve got a denture emergency, call Tenino Denture Center for a same-day visit.