A Partial Denture Might Be Preferable

The loss of one or more teeth to severe dental trauma or untreated tooth decay can significantly compromise the healthy function of your mouth. This can be extremely troublesome if multiple teeth were lost in one specific region of your mouth.

Fortunately, Dr. MaeNell Sullivan and her associates offer several different methods for restoring the essential function of your mouth.

If you are averse to the oral surgery involved in permanently restoring the missing teeth with a dental implant supported bridge, Dr. MaeNell Sullivan might recommend creating a partial denture. This is a small version of a complete denture.

The removable dental appliance consists of replicate teeth, set into a pink hue material that serves as the base. The general shape will closely match your existing periodontal structure.

Depending on the size and intended location of the partial denture, it might also include interlocking hardware to help anchor its relationship with the neighboring teeth. Still, even with this naturally firm hold, many partial denture users like to apply a small bead of denture adhesive.

Not only will it help bond the denture to the periodontal structure, it will also help block out food particles, to minimize gum irritation.

If you live in the Tenino, Washington, area and you have recently lost multiple teeth, you should call 360-264-5500 to schedule an appointment at Tenino Denture Center’s dental offices.

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