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A partial denture is sometimes used to by a denturist like Dr. MaeNell Sullivan to address tooth loss related to dental trauma, chronic gum disease, or multiple untreated cavities. When the removable dental appliance is installed in your mouth it can restore your ability to break down and process food for safe swallowing.

The base of the partial denture will be designed to closely match the shape of your existing gum structure. Some of these dental appliances also include special hardware components to help merge them to the neighboring teeth.

While it will fit firmly all on its own, many people with a partial denture like to use a little denture adhesive. When a small bead is applied to the base of the unit, and you bite down it provides superior hold. This can also help reduce the chances of food particles infiltrating the base and irritating your gums.

When shopping for denture adhesive you should always make sure to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This small logo can only be printed on a product has researched and tested to meet exacting standards for safety and effectiveness.

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